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Cookie Policy

Additional Information/ Logging, cookies and Pop-ups Policy

Express Publishing uses cookies on some of the webpages. Cookies are text folders that can be sent from a webpage through the browser and can be saved on a hard drive, mobile or on any other device based on your web history. Therefore, a message is sent from the browser to the web server that pops up on the webpage that you are in. You have the option to choose not to accept the use of cookies by changing the preset options on your web browser. However, rejecting cookies may limit your ability to use certain functions and features of the website.You may alter the settings in your browser to inform you whenever cookie is received. This gives you the option to decide whether or not you will accept it. The information that we collect and analyse are used in order to improve our services towards you and personalize your web experience. Additionally you have the option to set your browser in order to accept only the safe pop-ups available on the webpage. The safe pop-ups are visible every time that you choose the maximize option on a product and they do not send or save any kind of your information.

Why we use cookies on our website

Cookies are a vital part of our website function and are used to ultimately improve your browsing experience on our webpage. For example, cookies help us recognize you as a visitor (if you are registered on our webpage) and remember your preferences (language, country, etc) for when you visit our webpage in the future. Additionally, we can manage your basket, giving you the ability to proceed to online purchases. The data collected through cookies allow us to improve our website through estimating the numbers and standards of use, the customization of the webpage towards each user’s personal experience will improve the searching speed etc

Who uses the information that is saved on cookies

The information that is saved by the website cookies are used exclusively by us with the only exception to be the Google Analytics that are used and managed by Google and us for statistical purposes. We do not save sensitive personal data such as the personal address, your password, the credit card data etc

Can I de activate the use of cookies?

Yes cookies can be de activated. However, you may not be able to access certain parts of the webpage and your browsing experience will not be as effective as you will not have the privileges of certain services. If you prefer to minimize, stop or delete cookies from the webpage, you can do this by changing the programme settings of the internet browser despite the fact that the search customization of each browser differs. The cookies settings are usually found on the options or the tools section of the toolbar. For further information regarding the cookies settings you can use the ‘’Help’’ option.

What kind of cookies this webpage uses and for what purposes?

On the section below you can find the cookies used on our webpage and their purpose. Note: the information that is not saved directly to a cookie but is saved on the local storage space instead, has similar analysis and purpose as the cookie. The relevant list will be regularly updated on the occasion that there is a change to the services provided on the webpage. However, in some cases there is a possibility that during that update list does not include any cookie, even if it always deals with cookies the objectives of which are identical with the ones addressed on this list.